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PMT (GB) Ltd are UK Distributors for Protak Scientific – PMT (GB) Ltd.

PMT (GB) Ltd are UK Distributors for Protak Scientific

Posted by Ian Norman on

PMT (GB) Limited are the UK Distributor for Protak Scientific

Protak Scientific Ltd is a UK-based company formed specifically to bring the new science of Enzyme Indicators to market. That market is predominantly pharmaceutical companies across the globe that are likely to appreciate the many benefits EI’s have over the traditional Biological Indicators. The savings to the bottom line will appeal to the Financial Director as much as the time-saving benefits will appeal to the microbiologists and validation teams. 

The conventional 7 day wait for Biological Indicator (BI) decontamination results is over. We are pioneering an alternative way to really measure and validate decontamination performance instantly.

Enzyme Indicators (EI’s) are an industry-changing advance in measuring decontamination performance. We believe they will change the world. No longer will the pharmaceutical industry suffer financial losses, wasted man hours and the burden of high risks. EI’s offer a fast, cost effective, accurate and risk-free alternative.

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