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Remote Particle Counter

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The remote air particle counters of the AeroTrak+™ 7000 series have a compact design and modern concept for data backup and transmission for cleanroom monitoring. Secure data download via Ethernet is effectively supported by internal data buffering, designed so that you have critical data at your fingertips—using second-by-second sampling—without worry of data interruption or potential data loss. Integrated data storage secures up to 3,000 samples. The reliability of the laser technology inside can’t be challenged as TSI offers the industry’s best laser warranty coverage ever—5 years. All models comply with the stringent requirements set forth in the latest ISO 21501-4 calibration standard. In combination with the monitoring software FMS 5©, complete reconstruction of particle monitoring data from the AeroTrak data buffer is possible after a data acquisition failure.

  • 250,000 Sample Data Buffer
  • 5 Year Laser Warranty
  • Wireless communication option
  • Early-warning of adverse environmental trends with second-by-second monitoring
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) resistant
  • Identifies widest range of particle sizes by way of available model options (0.2um to 25um)