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Active Air Sampling

Posted by Ian Norman on

Active Air Sampling is a compendial method for Viable Air Monitoring, the TSI Active Air Sampler is designed for use in aseptic manufacturing areas.

There are two recognised methods for Viable Air monitoring described in regulatory documents and often referred to as compendial methods:
• Passive Sampling Settle Plates
• Volumetric Sampling Active Air Sampler (AAS)

The TSI is an AAS Sieve Impactor. Air is drawn through holes or slits in a cap and particles are impacted on the surface of standard plated media.

Physical Efficiency of an AAS is classed as d50, this is the particle size at which 50% is impacted on the plate and 50% is exhausted. ISO14698 says AAS's should collect viable particles >1µm, but does not specify A d50. TSI AAS has a  d50 of 0.8um.

TSI® AeroTrak®+ 7010 Remote Active Air Sampler (AAS) offers aseptic manufacturers confident and reliable microbial monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing Grade A and B environments.

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