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With the Calistair C300, Corona doesn't stand a chance*

We eliminate 99.4 %* of all airborne corona viruses in just a few minutes

With COVID-19, clean and healthy air is more important than ever! Choose the innovative Calistair Technology now and enjoy the benefits of a personal decontamination system. Calistair Technology has a long history of successful use in many hospitals and has firmly established itself in this environment.

With the Calistair C300 you too can eliminate almost all air contaminants - including COVID-19*. Whether it's a medical practice, legal office, corporate or private premises, The Calistair C300 keeps corona and other viruses out*.

In contrast to conventional air purifiers, the underlying technology of the Calistair C300 is based on that of a professional decontamination unit and ensures effective disintegration of the captured contaminant particles within minutes. This is confirmed by tests conducted by a prestigious institute, In fact, the Calistair C300 fully complies with Class 2 of the stringent French standard for clean air in healthcare facilities (NF S90-351) when operating in a 40m³* room.

Independent tests conducted by the most prestigious French microbiological laboratory demonstrate, Even just a small test device - equipped with the technology of the Calistair C300 - after only 10 minutes of operation attains elimination efficiency of 99.4% against corona viruses* released into the air of the test environment. This makes Calistair an unmatched technology that goes beyond the limits of traditional HEPA filters - especially when it comes to particle sizes below 0.3 microns. Furthermore: The Calistair C300 also efficiently removes from the indoor air traditionally dreaded bacteria and fungi, not to mention allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC), gases and odours. Preventive healthcare for your premises has never been easier!

Standards and regulations - The legislative requirements

The HEPA filters are manufactured based on different standards and regulations, depending on their place of use. Customarily, the dependent variable is the air, which is analysed in a certain context, from which the requirements for the particle cleanliness class are derived. The maximum permissible number of airborne particles on a certain surface is classified. The experts categorise a total of nine ISO classes.

In hospitals, air quality of ISO classes 5 to 8 is recommended - depending on the area. For example, the international standard for air quality, ISO 14644, prescribes an ISO class 5 for operating theatres for orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery.

*The institute that carried out the tests confirmed that the technology invented by Calistair destroys more than 99.4% of human airborne coronavirus of the HCoV-229E type within 10 minutes. The tests used a miniaturised prototype in a microbiological safety container with a volume of 0.54 m3. No other aids like filters were used, instead just the Calistair Technology. The coronavirus HCoV-229E is a coronavirus of the same family as SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 disease.

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