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Microbial Air Samplers FAQs – PMT (GB) Ltd.

Microbial Air Samplers FAQs

Posted by Ian Norman on

Microbial Air Samplers FAQs

At PMT (GB) Ltd, we regularly receive queries seeking advice and guidance regarding microbial air samplers and the servicing and calibration of these. To help you, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to these below.

Q. What active air sampler should I buy?

A. It is important to purchase an active air sampler that meets not only current but also proposed regulations and is therefore future-proof.

Q. How often should an air sampler be serviced and calibrated?

A. Air samplers should be serviced and calibrated at least annually and, if employed in critical areas, we recommend calibration twice a year.

Q. What calibration standard should be done on a microbial air sampler?

A. Either a traceable to National Standard or a full UKAS (ISO17025) calibration, depending on the criticality of the sampler’s deployment.

Q. What is the difference between interval sampling and continuous sampling?

A. An interval sampler gives you a "snap-shot" of what is able to grow on a TSA plate and is commonly used as a trend.

A continuous sampler allows you to understand what is going on throughout the entirety of a production run and meets the proposed Annex 1 revisions.

Q. How do I perform IQ / OQ / PQ on a microbial air sampler?

A. Here at PMT (GB) Ltd, we can help you with documentation and can perform IQ / OQ at your site. We can also provide a full advice service over how to perform your own PQ and include your chosen media in the testing.

Q. What media should I use in an air sampler?

A. The best option is to use Irradiated Trypticase Soya Agar plates from an audited and validated GMP manufacturing source. We would recommend a deep-fill (25ml) 9cm TSA plate, or a 60ml / 75ml 14cm TSA plate, depending on the sampler being employed. It is best to use hermetically sealed, room temperature storage plates, as the moisture level in the agar is maintained during the entire shelf-life (subject to correct storage).

Q. What type of breakdown service back-up is provided, if we have a breakdown or receive an error message?

A. Depending on the type of Service Agreement that was taken out, we offer 24-hour to 48-hour coverage.

To find out more about our microbial air sampler products and services get in contact today by emailing us at or, alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 1684 312 950

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