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Microbial Air Samplers to support Real Time Microbial Monitoring – PMT (GB) Ltd.

Microbial Air Samplers to support Real Time Microbial Monitoring

Posted by Ian Norman on

Microbial Air Samplers to support Real Time Microbial Monitoring

Real Time Microbial Monitoring is used to test for and measure microorganisms within the environment and WFI systems in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Traditional microbial monitoring techniques consisted of limited processes involving the use of active air samplers and settle plates. The main disadvantage of using this technique is the long waiting period between collection and detection. The more modern method of using Real Time Microbial Monitoring involving laser-induced fluorescence has reduced these waiting periods significantly by enabling users to measure microorganism counts in a matter of minutes. This new and effective process of Real Time Microbial Monitoring facilitates a quicker assessment and response time which can ultimately result in minimised loss of product, money and time.

The current ethos surrounding Microbial Monitoring reflected in the recent upgrades to the EU’s Orange Guide: GMP Sterile Manufacture of Medicinal Products now focuses on utilising continuous Microbial Monitoring and sampling in order to establish a consistent understanding of microbial occurrences. At PMT (GB) Limited, we have a wide range of Microbial Air Samplers to support Real Time Microbial Monitoring, including active Microbial Air Sampler methods based on Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) such as the BioTrak. For Microbial Monitoring for water, we also offer another LIF based Real Time Microbial Monitor - Azbil BioVigilant’s IMD-W. PMT (GB) Limited strives to offer effective solutions to clients based on current industry guidelines.

To find out more about our Real Time Microbial Monitoring and Microbial Air Sampler products and services get in contact today by emailing us at or, alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 1684 312 950

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