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Particle deposition monitoring

Posted by Ian Norman on

When a cleanroom is in operation, we have to show we are in control. This is done by monitoring air cleanliness and particle deposition so that the chosen cleanroom continues to meet the required standard.

We have to demonstrate control. The air cleanliness is monitored, but a lot of particle counters are only reliable for particles up to 5.0µm. For particles larger than 5.0µm the contamination control should be monitored by measuring the particle deposition rate.

Particle Deposition Rate shows a direct relation with contamination risks.

The Particle Deposition Rate is expressed in the number of particles per area per period for example, number of particles > 5 µm per dm2 or m2 per hour.

Major contamination risks

Air cleanliness is determined by the cleanroom installation and the way the cleanroom is used. The operational quality of a cleanroom is determined by:

  • The number of people
  • Clothing discipline.
  • Entry procedures for personnel and materials.
  • Working SOP's.
  • The cleaning regime.
  • Behavior of everybody in the cleanroom

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