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Aerosol Particle Counters


Aerosol Particle Counters

Aerosol Particle Counters

PMT (GB) Limited are able to offer Air Particle Counters manufactured by TSI and Rion.

TSI are a leading Particle Counter manufacturer and offer an extensive range of Air Quality and Microbial Air Sampling Equipment to meet your Air Monitoring needs. TSI offer quality Air Monitoring Equipment and Particle Measuring Systems including Light Obscuration Particle Counters, Airborne Particle Counters and Optical Particle Counters. TSI also offer research grade instruments.

Rion are Japanese based Liquid Particle Counter manufacturer who offer a wide range of instruments for monitoring particles in Liquid, Chemicals and Parental Sampling.

Please get in touch for further information on our Air Particle Counters and Particle Counter Calibration and Air Sampler Calibration services, or to request a meeting with your local specialist representative.