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Choosing the best Particle Counter

Posted by Ian Norman on

Choosing the best Particle Counter for your needs

PMT (GB) Limited offer a wide range of high-quality particle counters for use in various industries as well as providing accredited particle counter calibration services. Our particle counter products include liquid particle counters and aerosol particle counters.

Aerosol particle counters are used for highly accurate air particle counts which can help provide an accurate measure of air quality and cleanliness. Aerosol particle counters can also be used to test a cleanroom’s classification standard against its particle count limit.

At PMT (GB) Limited, we offer both remote aerosol particle counters and hand-held aerosol particle counters. Remote particle counters are ideal for measuring the air particles and air quality in a single area and can be used in combination with other cleanroom equipment to measure overall efficiency. Our hand-held aerosol particle counters are small-sized and mobile, providing effective particle measuring across multiple areas.

Liquid particle counters are used to measure liquid particles and establish the cleanliness of commonly measured liquids such as potable water and WFI. At PMT (GB) Limited, we offer a wide range of liquid particle counters for many industries and applications including specialist non-invasive liquid testing equipment for use with vials and syringes.

Our highly experienced and friendly team can help you identify the best solution for your particle counter needs. Get in contact today by emailing us at or, alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 1684 312 950

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