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PartSens 4+ is a portable surface particle counter that directly measures and counts particles, dust and other contamination on surfaces while leaving the surface unchanged. It is ideal to use on surfaces such as Stainless steel, Silicon, Glass and Plastic.

The cleanliness of components is one of the most important factors for high quality products. Easy and instantaneous detection of contamination is essential for an efficient production. This instrument is ideal in the Pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, aerospace, automotive industry to improve production and limit waste.

The use of glancing light technology according to ISO 14664-9 allows for reproducible and highly accurate measurement results.

Using the PartSens+ 4.0 eliminates complex sampling by gas extraction and subjective measuring methods such as microscopy or faulty multi-stage procedures such as surface rinsing and subsequent filter analysis.

The unique technology and ease of use as well as the portable design make the Partsens system the perfect solution for companies concerned with surface contamination at the product and within the production environment.

The live image allows the detection of type (metallic or non-metallic), position and morphologies of the particles.


• Portable surface particle counter with wireless measuring head
• Measuring principle according to ISO 14644-9
• Particle measuring range 2μm until ≥ 3000μm
• Resolution 5μm
• Size and number of metallic and non-metallic particles and fibres
• Particle size allocation according to VDA 19 and ISO 16232 possible
• active measuring area 2.68qcm (19.36 mm x 13.82 mm)
• Measuring time < 10 seconds
• Data output and live on 12” TFT touch screen
• USB additional data backup