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Rapid Decontamination Validation – PMT (GB) Ltd.

Rapid Decontamination Validation

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Traditional Biological Indicators 7-day Incubation Reduced To 60 Seconds

The conventional 7 day wait for Biological Indicator (BI) decontamination results is over. We are pioneering an alternative way to really measure and validate decontamination performance instantly.

Enzyme Indicators (EI’s) are an industry-changing advance in measuring decontamination performance. We believe they will change the world. No longer will the pharmaceutical industry suffer financial losses, wasted man hours and the burden of high risks. EI’s offer a fast, cost effective, accurate and risk-free alternative.


  • Instant results
  • Accurate data capture
  • Satisfies audit process
  • Simple & easy to use

Enzyme Indicators are a MUST-HAVE for:

  • Any medical or pharmaceutical environment using hydrogen peroxide decontamination processes

  • Those using the conventional Geobacillus Steriophermophilus Biological Indicator processes to measure decontamination performance