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A microbial air sampler is a critical component of any Quality Control (QC) lab associated with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare facilities. Not only do samplers protect your work environment and ensure that there is no contamination in your processes and products, they are absolutely required in order to meet most mandatory regulatory requirements.
EMTEK’s Microbial Air Samplers and Controller Systems were designed to operate in a variety of Critical Environments including LAF Hoods, BSCs, Isolators, Sterility Chambers, Filling Lines, Bulk Production Areas, Surgical Ampitheaters, and Compressed Air/Gas Systems, but are practical for use in almost any environment.

• Controlled Sample Rates of 28.3 or 100 LPM
• Long Battery Life: >12 Hours (at 28.3 LPM)
• Dimensions: 7.5" L x 5.5" W x 6" H / Weight: <5.4 Lbs
• LCD View Screen w/Touch Screen Interface
• Inlet Cover: 300 Holes (appropriately sized for 28.3 or 100 LPM)
• Enclosure: Kydex® with Microban® (anti-microbial protection)
• Inlet Cover/Base & Enclosure Base/Handle: Anodized Aluminum
• Infrared Remote Control (start/stop/pause/resume)
• Adjustable Test Plate/Media Stage (set inlet to test plate gap)
• HEPA Filtered Exhaust (w/remote exhaust tubing option)
• Tripod Mount Threading (1/4-20)
• Custom Carrying Case