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Air Ioniser Cartridge 6110(A) - PMT (GB) Ltd.

Air Ionizing Cartridge 6110(A)

  • £930

Maintenance-free Self-contained Compressed Air Ioniser Cartridge Model 6110/6110A controls static charge in production, packaging, laboratory and other environments where static build-up can cause contamination, ESD, material handling problems or microprocessor lock-up. Compact and rugged, the cartridge can be used either for in-line ionization or as an ionizing blow-off gun. For in-line use, connect the 6110 to a compressed air source and it is ready to ionize any type of production equipment. Or attach the 6110 to an ordinary air gun and the airstream is ionized for effective particle removal. An internal sensor initiates ionization only when the gun is triggered, ensuring on-demand control of static charge. - IsoStat® technology 

  • Internal air flow sensor (Model 6110A) 
  • Shielded emitter points 
  • Compact size 
  • Optional blow-off gun kit
  • Transformer sold seperately