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Periodic Verification System 775PVS – PMT (GB) Ltd.

Periodic Verification System 775PVS

  • £2,341

The pocket-sized Model 775 Fieldmeter is designed to locate and measure static charge potentials on product, people, equipment and packaging. The 775 uses a noncontacting, chopper stabilized field sensor and a ranging light mechanism to ensure correct measurements of electrostatic fields in all areas—even those using air ionization. The Fieldmeter is easily zeroed with the turn of a small knob and does not require re-zeroing between measurements. Powered by a 9V battery, the 775 features a conductive, impact-resistant case and a convenient Snap-On ground lead to facilitate grounding and increase accuracy.

  • Digital display
  • Distance ranging lights
  • Chopper-stabilized circuit
  • Sample and Hold functions
  • Battery powered, pocket-sized meter
  • Analog output